With a career spanning over 17 years, professional make-up artist Alessia brings a unique, passionate and professional approach to her artistry. Throughout her many years working for MAC Cosmetics, Alessia worked at prestigious events as part of the MAC Events Team. 

Alessia's career has been an exciting journey which has seen her work in the TV Industry, back-stage at UK Music Festivals, at London Fashion Week and also Brighton Fashion Week 2015, where she keyed each runway show as Head of Make-Up. Alessia is vastly experinced in editorial make-up and has collaborated on shoots for many print publications including Vogue Italia.

Alessia is a lover of art and sees it in everything: from the classic beauty of a blushing bride, the elegance of vintage, commercial and high fashion, editorial and couture to the obscure and avant-garde, Alessia embraces it for its own unique beauty.

With an impeccable eye for detail and a natural creative flair, Alessia had a true sense of aesthetic beauty. Her experience as a make-up artist, stylist, V&M and fashion buyer has offered her a unique professional insight into the fashion industry. Her experience and knowledge enable her to build strong working-relationships and produce a flawless result. 

Working with Alessia will be a professional, fun experience as she has the natural ability to put people at ease and ensure they enjoy the moment.